Chris Le Page is a performance artist, theatre maker and the Artistic Director of Occupy:Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media. Le Page's art practice has a strong connection to sociological theory and social commentary.  He responds to the idea that "nothing is real" and playing with social structures or rules. In his theatre practice, he create content that explores identity, queerness, physical touch/intimacy and love through stage and film.

During his degree at Newcastle University he have devised multiple performances that were utilising contemporary theatrical techniques and were conceptually driven. Through these performance he explored different theatre forms and practices. 

Throughout 2016 Le Page was selected as a participant in the Trajectory program through Tantrum Youth Arts with resident artist Lottie Consalvo who mentored the group of emerging artists. The project creates a ensemble of emerging artists to focus on performance art. As a part of Trajectory, he devised performances for the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery 20th celebrations and the annual This Is Not Art (TINA) Festival, as well as performing at The Argyle House with improvised performances. 

Throughout 2017, Le Page produced the LGBTI Theatre Festival, an event for emerging queer artists to devise and perform original works. Within this event Le Page directed On Reflection written by Jimi Dhalluin-Goninan. Later that year, Le Page produced, wrote and co-directed his first full length piece UNKNOWING (2017)

During the last year, Le Page went on and produced and curated the 2018 LGBTI Theatre Festival. Within the festival, Le Page directed two works, Outward Bound, written by Jimi Dhalluin-Goninan and wrote his original piece, Anything But Marriage. Most recently, Le Page has started filming shorts under his company OCCUPY: Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media. Wait and Where have you been, written, directed and edited by Le Page which will be released in early 2019. 

Moving forward, Le Page has planned to be involved in the 2019 Sydney Short and Sweet festival with a piece he co-wrote with Brittany Amber called Room 52. Later in 2019, Le Page is producing, The Check List a work written and directed by Ella Deane as part of OCCUPY:TAM’s Amplify Project. This project aims to give opportunities to queer and female artists to tell there stories on stage. 



Place, Space and Time Performance (University of Newcastle) 

Shakespeare - "The Tempest", playing Juno (Reamus Youth Theatre) 

Julia Why? - "Just One Night", Extra. (National Institute of Dramatic Arts and Triple J) 

"Karralak",  Extras. (JMC Academy) 

"sO-Neg" (University of Newcastle) 



"Antigone", playing The Messenger (Reamus Youth Theatre) 

"Reunion", playing Mason, male lead. (Unversity of Newcastle) 

"Here's the Alternative" (University of Newcastle) 

"Bachelor of Prostitution" (University of Newcastle) 

"Wedding Video" (University of Newcastle)

"Torture" (University of Newcastle)



"This is Uncomfortable". (University of Newcastle)

Booth Performances. (The Argyle House)

"Birthday Cards". (Tantrum Youth Arts 40th Birthday)

"Connected the Unconnected" (Beat Bender, The Lock Up) 

"A Place In Time" (Lake Macquarie Art Gallery)

"The Experiment" dir. Cadi McCarthy (Catapult Dance/ University of Newcastle)  

"Stagnate". (This is Not Art) 



LGBTI Theatre Festival. (Creator and Producer)

Directed "On Reflection". (LGBTI Theatre Festival)    

Writer and Director "Unknowing" (OCCUPY: Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media) 



Curated and produced the “LGBTI Theatre Festival”. (OCCUPY: Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media)

Directed and wrote “Anything But Marriage” (LGBTI Theatre Festival)

Directed “Outward Bound”, written by Jimi Dhalluin-Goninan (LGBTI Theatre Festival)

Directed, wrote and edited “Wait”. (OCCUPY: Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media)